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Website Audit Assessment.

A worry-free surf suit company that wants their community to be free to be themselves and celebrate the diversity of surfing.⁠

Hakuna Wear

Hakuna wear banner image before our audit
Hakuna Wear Product mobile version sample


Hakuna wear approached me after they had an agency redesign their Shopify website, which led to their conversion rates dropping significantly after the new launch. Their SEO remained solid, ranking stayed high, yet their conversions and attraction after shopping cart processes were decreasing.


Collaborating with our in-house Shopify fashion expert on what we observed, we looked at the whole problem from 3 different perspectives – the niche market, the performance of the site, and the social engagements that attracted customers to the site. The collected details started to tell the whole story on why their conversion rates weren’t at the expected levels.
image of industry research puzzle pieces coming together

Industry and Customer Research

Market research can help you align with your target market and see if your products & services attract that audience. Understanding these attractions might help you position your products in a way that hones in on a direct path. This takes some strategizing, which we can help with.

Website Performance & Content

Image optimizations, properly structured sections, addressing layouts consistently can all add up. If you don’t have these things aligned, your site can end up clunking along making for a poor user experience for all your consumers.
image of team analyzing social engagments

Social Engagement Ecosystem

Your site isn’t the only place that the customer sees your products. How you position and sell to them need to be consistent wherever your brand exists. We analyze some of these key touch points in order to make sure that your customers don’t get confused.


Hakuna Wear Website Audit layers

Data Collection Report

Having data that shows how your audience reacts to your site helps you make decisions on next steps.

Social Media Presence Scoring

Organic aggregated content is important, but what's equally important is aligning your voice to your goals. Are you true to your values? Let's see how that checks out.

Performance Test Results

Web performance can be complex but there are certain tools we used to refine your site and get it up and running fast.

Improvement Guidelines

After going through what exists today, we give Minimum Viable Product guidelines on what should be fixed FIRST. Then, we go into the "shinny objects" that get your site looking glam. Function over Form always.

Timeline Tracks

"A goal without a timeline is just a dream". We make sure that you are hitting those numbers in a reasonable amount of time so you're getting that return on investment now.

The Results

The final report helped Hakuna Wear make some decisions on the next steps. They were able to save a lot of contracting hours with firms that were willing to sell them more marketing tools. We also aligned with her goals and gave some timelines on how she could stage all that needed to be accomplished in 3 months’ time to increase her conversion rates and change the performance of her site in general.



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