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Purposely Rooted

Purposely Rooted Sara and her husband picture
Sara Stratton posing in the wilderness


A couple of years ago, Sara Stratton was diagnosed with Stage 3 Invasive Breast Cancer. During this time she created a blog to help herself and others through her journey fighting cancer through mindful practices, changing her diet, and her understanding of the body. Sara has journeyed through her path and found her passion as a Nutritional Therapist. She reached out to me to evolve her digital footprint providing Nutritional Therapy and knowledge about body, mind connection to her community.


Since Sara already had a rich content blog about her breast cancer journey, alongside her strong Marketing background, extracting details of the content and connecting the dots to her goals was very fluid. Bringing life to Purposely Rooted’s offerings and true essence. After getting to know her goals, our process started to reflect “purposely methodical patterns”.
Purposely Rooted Wireframe/Brainstorm

Collaborative Wireframing

Sara knew the touchpoints and what content changes she wanted to display on the redesign. We started a collaborative board to brainstorm the user flow, functionality, and aesthetics – such as elements, layouts, organizational flow, and services offered.


Redesigning her logo was a lot of fun. Having outlined the values and mission statement to her business brought the elements together.
Purposely Rooted Events Page

Custom Post Types

Categorizing different post types and having different layouts that complement the content. For Purposely Rooted, we crafted different templates for different sections (i.e. the Events page).


Purposely rooted animated poster

WordPress Content Migration

Leveraging the existing content and evolving it into the redesign of the new website.

Responsive Cross-Browser Functionality

Tested on all browsers and devices for universal compatibility.

Social Media Engagement

Integrating her social media wall onto her website and expanding options for real-time events to be shown so she only has to post once and have it propagate throughout the different platforms.

Image and Site Optimization

Image optimization and site performance load testing also making sure accessibility is on the site. WCAG and 508 Compliant

Personalized Training Manual

Upon completion, clients are provided a personalized training manual on the basic knowledge to navigate the backend of their site. These manuals include a style guide as well as templated layout direction so the user can get straight into content building.


Purposely Rooted Eat-Move-Live Post Categories
Eat-Move-Live Post Categories
Purposely Branded - Brands That Purposely Rooted's Passionate About
Purposely Branded - Brands That Purposely Rooted's Passionate About
Purposely Rooted Testimonial Page
Testimonial Page
Purposely Rooted Instagram Integration image
Instagram Integration

The Results

“Launching a new business venture isn’t easy and thinking about my web presence was overwhelming. I was so glad I had Sachi to help me think about my strategy and make it actionable with a seamless website. It was great to have someone with insider knowledge in the health and wellness industry to think through the full acquisition strategy plus any nuances for health care like HIPPA, scheduling, forms, etc. Sachi understood my vision and made it come to life through easy to use layout, graphics that pop and clear call to actions. And as a bonus – she was able to convert my old self-made blog so that I could bring over some historical context and content. If you are looking for someone with a keen eye, and that can help bring your vision to life, Sachi is a great asset!” – Sara Stratton



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